Candy Depression EP

by The World Needs Winners

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released February 12, 2016

Written, performed, and produced by Landry Walther
Album art by Daphni Wetzlich



all rights reserved


The World Needs Winners Crossville, Tennessee

Landry Walther

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Track Name: Discharge
Discharge the enemy
Discharge the fool
Discharge the maniac residing in you
Discharge reputation that buried you deep
And push aside that voice calling you a creep

Don't tell me what I am or I'm not
Self-examination is all I've been taught
Increase resistance to fears you've fought
Since I'm the one that you originally sought

Discharge the chemicals that flow through your brain
And release every factor that causes self-hate
Discharge worthlessness and have empathy
This will all soon totter, discharge will set you free
Discharge the enemy
And discharge the fool
Discharge reputation
And push aside that voice residing in you
Track Name: Drama
There's only so much drama I can take
And emotional heartbreak
As people, we are better now
But the pain is still there somehow
Equipped with tools that exceed my age
Yet, I'm locked in this cage
Right now we could be soaring high
But the clouds of gloom are still in the sky
In the sky

Oh, I can't seem to break away from all my fears
And I've let it consume me in all my tears
Oh, I wish this could all soon disappear
Cause I can't throw away all these years
All these years

So much for being civilized
Instead all feelings are now being realized
A work in progress is what we are
But not much progress I've made so far
Problem after problem for me
At least I'm not the only one I see
Quarrels that put me to the test
Go away so I can rest
It's for the best

There's only so much drama I can take
And emotional heartbreak
Right now we could be soaring high
But the clouds of gloom are still in the sky
In the sky

Oh, I never thought it'd end up being this way
Oh, I don't know what else to say
And I will try to forget about this day
So I can have joy and not be swayed
Not be swayed
Track Name: Nature & Beyond
It comes to me by means of a dream
More frightful than what it seems
We couldn't seem to keep
Our love clean to be
A red haze appeared in the sky
Hard to notice because the cries
They might cheat and lie
They might scheme and pry

On the road, it seems so dead
On the road, we seem so scared
Of what's ahead
They fear and dread
By the faces of the trees
And sparkle of the sea
They will speak to me
"Live life free"

Well, I said don't come to me
These troubles are here to be seen
Just stand still, don't even speak
The loud noise is not worth a peek

To waste time everyday
Looking out at the rain
Thinking how I will stay
Motives I will sustain
Counsel given over time
It will always have my mind
But actions can be unkind
Overpowering what is right

I say a prayer for all that's good
It's understood
I have to work
To not not know who you are
I can't look far
Past my heart
Past my heart
Track Name: Tiny Fiddles
I see you knocking at my door
I've seen this all before
Don't come here anymore
And leave it on the floor

I was so excited about the great prospect of your life
Seems to me you like to drag us on...on and on through the night

You won't exit my head
The things you always said
It's the world that you will wed
So to me, you are dead

Are you happy with your life now?
Surely've dug your hole
Mistaken for the friends you have
You've sold your heart and your soul
Your poor soul
Track Name: Live My Life
And what I said is not wrong
But all confidence in me is all gone
The beauty of this world is raw
But don't blame me for what you saw

What you saw

And though I have been okay
Many in my life have strayed
It's not ever too late
I will never leave if you stay

If you stay

Live my life
And you will find my eye
Live my life
And you will find strife

If I'm just like a leaf
Keep autumn away from me
If obstacles I don't see
It's then I will fall from the tree

From the tree
It's me
The tree, the tree