The Process of Betrayal

by The World Needs Winners

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It tells a story...


released June 12, 2011

Written by Landry Walther
Guitars, bass, keys, drum machine by Landry Walther
Drums by Andrew Pearson
Produced by Landry Walther



all rights reserved


The World Needs Winners Crossville, Tennessee

Landry Walther

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Track Name: Sleep
Picture the scene in my dream
Something's ripping at the seams
And now that we're all alone
We don't know which way to go
The things that are in my life
Have changed over time
It seems I've lost this fight
So farewell and goodnight

Peace will not come to me
It's few and far between
Much like my nights of sleep
It pains and troubles me

And still I'm caught in my dream
Past mistakes are haunting me
And now that I'm all alone
I bask in my sorrow
Because I've wronged the right
I've lost all my sight
I look back on that night
And say so long and goodbye

Peace will not come to me
It's few and far between
Much like my nights of sleep
It pains and overwhelms me
Peace will not come to me
Much like my nights of sleep

Years ago, I thought I could fly
Now I know I can't reach the sky
It's hard to do when you live a lie
I've let my focus off the prize
Track Name: Golgatha
Trials will cross
Turn off my mind, body, and soul
Disheartened by the loss
I'm a slave for lack of control
Feelings will burn
Haunted by guilt, anguish, and fear
I toss and I turn
Hoping relief will soon be here

The place of skulls
That's what they all called it
See the lurking ghouls
Floating around all their heads
Trapped and faced
With torture falling on me
Criminally placed
There's a little light I can see

And all my feelings are gone
My feelings are gone
My feelings are gone
But my mind is still
My mind is still strong
My brain feels so raw
They want to channel our thoughts
They channel our thoughts
Fill our skulls with rocks
And tie our stomachs in knots
Our stomachs are in knots
In our pleasures we'll rot

I open my eyes and I see the world
I realize that it's time to go for a whirl
They can't read my book if I smile
But meaning it has been a problem now for awhile
For awhile
For awhile...
Track Name: Foggy Mountain
So here we are near the end of the sun
We aren't that far from all of the love
We drove our car till we ran out of gasoline
We knew the world was coming like a strict machine

To take for granted all you have
Nothing is tainted, just a clear path
Relax is fine, ease of the mind
Palm and pine are not as kind

It has been fun but it's not home
We're near the sun, this I do not loath
We had a long-lasting run, but I think can cope
Without the love of my life
For which I always grope

Because though it's beautiful
It's not unmovable
The love that's there
But it's not anywhere
We're on our way home now
Where we won't find any doubt
I'll go back today
What do you want me to say?

But we'll have to pray for a hope in hell
Because I can't find one anywhere else
I'll have to ask the love of my life to sell
Her soul to be with me
We're gonna go around now

Everyone comes to the destination
They are searching out a new solution
To get their problems solved with a simple equation
But I don't think that answer can be solved in this nation

We all look longingly to the distance of our graves
We're searching out
Fixing all our doubt
What else can we do when we're not saved?
Track Name: Sunshine
Sunshine, where have you gone?
Sunshine, it's all your fault
Sunshine, I feel so raw
Sunshine, I'll always fall

And to say I don't need anything
Is not the case now at all

Sunshine, it's you I saw
Sunshine, I don't feel real tall
Sunshine, no need to stall
Sunshine, now all I see is a wall

To restrain me when I want to sing
You must be crazy and all
I refrain from saying what I think
I can't handle it all

And I don't think it's the same
I don't think it's the same
To deal with this pain
I can't handle it
Where are your rays?
Tell me, where are your rays?
I think they are fake
I can't handle it

Sunshine, I can't even walk
Sunshine, you make me crawl
Sunshine, just please let me thaw
Lifeline, this is the final straw

I feel like you are slipping now
I catch you at all
You fail me every time somehow
I can't handle it all...
Track Name: Black & Tan
I just wanted to say
That it won't be the same
Sunny, a fair day
But unfair in the same way

To you
And me
So true

The pain and grief I see
Is something that's used to me
Our lives are here to be
A relapse and what it means

To you
And me
So true

So one final breath to take
In that place by the lake
I keep hoping I'll awake
And see him one more day

Just one more day
One day
JUst one more day...
Track Name: All Alone
It's been so long
Since he's been known
I'm hoping for
All self-control

Now that I'm alone
Nowhere to go
I'm on my own
No one to help me get by

I'm on my own
Right here alone
I feel so torn
But that guy was just a thorn
A thorn in my side

No one beside me
To help me in the way
For nobody to take me
Help me see the way

I look out the window
Missing love
Nobody loves me and nobody cares
I'm all alone
Let it reside
In my mind, in my mind

Here we go baby
Here we go, don't let me be
I don't have to stay right here
But no one's calling me "dear"

Leave me alone, it's alright
I'll be here all day and all night
Wasting time
Meditating on life
I'm all alone
Nowhere to go
Said, I'm all alone
Feeling so low
I'm all alone
Right here on my own
Said, I'm all alone
What he's reaped he'll sow...
Track Name: Seasons of Who
I think that life is thin
For a spin
For one spin
It's hard for me to grin
Because I sin
I do sin

There is no reason
For crushing my heart
Just show me the season
Of who you are

Things are scattered in mind
Where I find
My soft spine
I blink and there goes time
Passing me by
Right on by
I see the shapes in the sky
With all their might
And their shine
Then tears fall from eyes
I say goodbye
To what's right
Ooh what's right

So I lay helplessly
Scraping desperately
Till all is well

They can't tell
They can't tell
All is not well
They can't tell...
Track Name: Repetition
In my life I've been mistaken
And sometimes I feel forsaken
Look inside, I'm aching
Listen, hear my heart's breaking
Oh and I can't help from shaking

Someone help me
I'm spiraling
My head's hurting
Trouble's lurking

I wonder if I can see all things
Of which I cry, it's repeating
I'm up all night just preparing
To fight in my head-ring
But I'll try to stop all the bleeding

Someone help me
I'm spiraling
My head's hurting
Trouble's lurking

My time has come to say
That I need you here today
I can't run away
To flee from tempting ways
There's surely some way
To get to blue from grey
Just to see the sun today
May be all I need today...
Track Name: Family?
It's always Monday to me
Seven a week
Leading to cutting trees
That land on me

Here I am, take me away
From this place
Let me please have my say
If I may

Because in your heart you know you are so far off
Hiding behind denial up inside your loft
Your reasoning is blinded by a fog
Come alive because all of your senses are gone

We should suffer as one
And not alone
When attacked at your home
It's unknown

Despite all this I will soon rise
And for clarity's sake clean out my mind
MIstakes made but lessons will be learned
And happiness is a state over which I'll yearn

I'll yearn
I will yearn
I'll learn...
Track Name: By The Shore
Like a bird in a tree
You sing to me
Be free
Seems that needlessly
You're scared to be
With me

Past few months, you've been shyer
You've grown tired
You're quiteter
Trust me, I'm not a liar
There's no fire
I'll lift you higher

Like a doll that fell
You can't tell
You'd sell
Your smile makes me melt
A clue would help
To tell

Past few months, you've been shyer
You've grown tired
You're quieter
Trust me, I'm not a liar
There's no fire
I'll lift you higher

What else can I say?
I've already said everything
Hold on to your heart
Please, for my part

I can't let it go
I have to know
Will you show?
Fact is we both know
It just won't

Past few months, you've been shyer
You've grown tired
You're quieter
Trust me, I'm not a liar
Oh, the fire
I'll lift you
But now, I should stop
And give up
On love
And find the one
That will become
Will become my only one...
Track Name: The Color Grey
Room of off-white
On a summer's night
What an awful sight
They try to save him from the dark
Fight for life
To stay away from the light
Because you're inclined
To have a little too much fun

He man, what's the deal?
You deserve the pain you feel
Look forward to life ahead
Then you'll get through this whole mess
Please tell me what is real
Decipher how you feel
Leave the life you once led
Then you'll love with the rest

The family's all in the room
Waiting for the news
He says he's all good
They cry out with so much joy
It's all through
They see the kid they always knew
They see it's true
He's humbled to but a mere boy

Hey man, glad you are
Alright, you've come so far
Never again make that call
That's when you scared us all
You made it under the bar
With only a few scars
And no one to break your fall
Determined, you stood tall

But there's still some doubt
Of what he'll do without us now
I can only hope he gets on track
Please, oh please, come back...
Track Name: Bridges
Back to the same old grind
Where the first time I feel it's mine
You never know why
You're ready to go go fly
To the house you call home
Is not really your home
And things you call your own
Are not reall your own

I won't back down
Or try to find a way out
Just get back
For the things I lack
The things I lack
Things I lack

Back to the same routine
Of till three and rooms of green
But that's just ok with me
I'll wait here and keep clean
And here I will lay
No matter what, I'll stay
Here I will waste the day
By putting on a happy face

I won't back down
Or try to find a way out
Straighten up
For all that give love
Those that give love
Those that give love

Thirty-one, three twenty two
The destination we always knew
The shock of change is always new
But did it ever occur to you?
The tough and grueling road
Is what we face toe to toe
It's worth it we know
It's worth for sure...
Track Name: Betrayal
How does one sleep
When they are full of deceit?
Only you would know
You couldn't see
Then had yourself on repeat
And you lost control
You've lost all my trust
As you've gone chasing your lust
Have you no shame?
You lied as a must
As your conscience grew rust
You just are not the same

Look what you've done
And you think it's all for fun
You're the cause of this all
You're now on the run
Too bad it's under the sun
Your family, if you recall
Attached at the head
I believed all that you said
Every word and sound
The waters you fled
Are those that faithful ones tread
Elsewhere you've drowned

Left me in the dark
While we were close from the start
I just don't get it
It was all a farce
You never seemed too alarmed
It never set in
A brother for life
That's what you were in my life
But now it's the end
So this is goodbye
As my soul aches and it cries
Farewell my friend...